The club’s new meeting venue

Thanks to the Demi Sports Bar for allowing us to use their facilities for the final few weeks of the season in April.

When we regroup in September, we will have the meetings at The Steel Club.  It is located at 36 Medomsley Rd, Consett DH8 5HA.

Citizen’s House

Citizen’s House in Consett is to be rebuilt and next year there will be an exciting new venue for use by the Consett community.

So from the start of April, the camera club will have a new home…we are just arranging this now, so please check back to see where we will be meeting.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our members past and present, friends and guests…. may 2018 be happy, healthy and your images catch the moment !!

Results of the 3rd Print Competition April 2017 – Colour

1st Brian Baxter – “Wear and Tear”
2nd Ray Hamilton – “Waiting for Chaos”
3rd David Leck – “Wastwater” (Best Novice)
HC Debra Taylor – “The Monitor”
HC Lynda Golightly – “Reflecting the Vision of the Future”
HC Julia Richardson – “What’s up Doc?” –
HC Julia Richardson – “Let’s Get it on!”
HC Ken Nevin -“I’m Not Hungry”

Results of the 3rd Print Competition April 2017 – Monochrome

1st David Leck – “Pears”
2nd Peter Gill – “Deft”
3rd Brian Baxter – “Inside and Outside”
HC Ray Hamilton – “Chaos at the Crossing”
HC Chris Bruce – “Tropical Plant”
HC John Wolstenholme – “Jennifer”

Results of 1st Mono Print Competition

1st: Julia Ruxton
1st: Julia Ruxton – “Looking Back”
2nd: Caroline Bean - "All in a line"
2nd: Caroline Bean – “All in a line”


3rd: Brian Baxter – “The Dark Web”


Ray Hamilton – “High Level Bridge”

Highly Commended: Dennis Cowley – “Woodland Walk”

HC (and Best Novice) – Julia Richardson – “Cloudscraper”


Results of February Print Competition

Monochrome Section

1st Place (and Best Novice) Julia Richardson   “Close of Play, End of Day”

2nd Place Julia Richardson    “Shed a Little Light”

3rd Place Chris Bruce    “Silver Fronds”

Highly Commended Peter Gill     “Eternal Rest”

Highly Commended Ray Hamilton    “Winter Sunset”

Highly Commended Lynda Golightly    “City”


October news

The Autumn programme is now well underway and the Consett Camera Club is thriving!   We have had some great workshop and discussion evenings as well as interesting guest speakers, Graham Relf and Lesley Middleton.

The first competition of the season saw our new president scoop 1st prize… please check out the winners’ images on our competitions page.

Next week one of our members is revealing the secrets of his success and hosting an evening about processing images.

If you are still wondering about joining the club, please do come along and see us – details of where and when are on the website. Everyone is welcome!