Tanfield Railway – The first Assignment of the new season.

Wednesday 25th September saw a hardened group of Consett members standing outside Citizens house at 10am on a cold dull rainy morning waiting to go on the first outing of the season. The reason for their wait – the leader for the day George was late as usual!Tanfileld, Co. Durham, ENGLAND - 25th September 2013: Club assignment to Tanfield Railway, Co. Durham, England.(Photo by George Ledger Photography)

Eventually after he arrived the group headed off in the cars to Tanfield Railway for the first assignment of the season. The regulars were there but they were also joined by some new blood on their first outing. You could smell the excitement in the air or was it just David’s car air-freshener?

After meeting up with several other members who had made their own way to the venue, the 11 photographers made their way down on to the platform and sidings of the Railway to see what they could point their respective cameras at. These hardy people weren’t going to be deterred by the mist or damp, they weren’t even put off by the engine sheds not being open they were on a mission and nothing was going to stop them getting their shots!

It was good to see all 11 people finding different things to photograph and also helping and encouraging each other to get more and more variety of images. Several of the organised members took regular breaks to enjoy their packed lunches and copious beverages whilst others hung around for ‘scraps’ and ‘tit-bits’. The newbie – Robert C – didn’t pause for breath once, he just carried on like a ‘kid in a sweet shop’ taking more and more photos undeterred by the ever increasing rain. I think he enjoyed himself!

After a short 3 hours the group decided they had better look for cover to dry off their camera and clothes and so the first assignment had come to a damp end. George finished the day by reminding people to produce 5 images for the club website and then they all disappeared into the developing mist. I believe it was a good ‘ice breaker’ and I for one am now looking forward to the next Assignment and hopefully warmer or drier conditions.

Till the next time –  ‘The Mystery blogger’ !