Consett and District Photographic Society (CPS) was established in 1949 in Consett Co. Durham, England. We have a great mix of young and older members who all share an interest in Photography and Digital manipulation. Newcomers to the hobby will benefit especially from the helpful advice and guidance by the more experienced members.

Our policy is to demonstrate there are no barriers and that everyone, young or old, male or female is welcome to join us to find that you don’t have to be a photographic expert to feel at ease to enjoy our hobby. Our members come from all walks of life with many and varied photographic interests and styles. Many of our members joined with little or no knowledge of the finer points of our hobby but they soon found that the friendly atmosphere encourages an excellent exchange of ideas, particularly with the more experienced members.

New members are made to feel welcome and experience the thrill of sharing our photographic achievements, many members enjoy the club activities as a means to meet their friends as well as exchanging their latest photographic experiences. The club meets weekly on Monday evenings at 7.30pm from September to April at The Steel Club, 36 Medomsley Rd, Consett DH8 5HA and new members are always welcome.

For further information please contact the club secretary.

When Consett and District Photographic Society was originally formed in the late nineteen-forties by a group of keen photographers and their friends, everyone, of course, used film and printed their pictures in the darkroom as there was no such thing as digital cameras or computers! Today most Club members, though not all, photograph and print digitally. Some members have compact cameras whilst others have Digital SLRs with a full range of lens. There is however a constant battle over which system is the best, Nikon or Canon, Pentax or Olympus! Even with computers members are split, some using PCs whilst others have Apples, this makes for some good discussions but really means, if anybody has a problem there is always someone to ask for an answer.