April Competition – Colour and Mono


1st Place; John Wolstenholme – Edmundbyers Common

2nd Place; Lynda Golightly – Cleaning Staff

3rd Place; John Lee – Grey Dawn at Dunstanburgh

Highly Commended; Wheels -Dave Griffiths, Winter Walk and Monoliths – Chris Bruce, Slioth -John Lee, Railway Shack -Ray Hamilton.

Best Novice was awarded to Alan Bank – Sasha Blyth


1st Place;  Lynda Golightly – Tranquility Base

2nd Place; Julia Richardson – Osprey with Catch

3rd Place; Julia Richardson – Table for Two

Highly Commended; In Memoriam -Richard Nixon, Sunset Cyclists -Sasha Blyth, Looking Up -John Wolstenholme, Whallney Falls -John Lee, Car Park Mosaic -Chris Bruce, Friendly Dragon – Brian Baxter.

Best Novice was awarded to Early Morning Ferry -Ian Stonehouse.