February 2019 Competition – Colour and Mono


1st Place; Ray Hamilton – The Spare Room

2nd Place; David Leck – Frozen Pond

3rd Place; Ray Hamilton – Swing on a Tree

Highly Commended; Les Lewis – All lined up, Dave Griffiths – The Sage from Newcastle, Richard Nixo – Super 8, Julia Richardson – Oh Deer, Manners Please, David Leck – Car Art, HC and Best Novice – Ian Stonehouse – Follow the Leader.


1st Place;  Les Lewis – Love under the Umbrellas

2nd Place; Lynda Golightly – Vintage Venture

3rd Place; Julia Richardson – Mother Otter with Pup

Highly Commended; Debra Taylor – Cape Sugar-bird among Protea, Richard Nixon – End of the Argument, John Lee – Cumbria Tarn, Julia Richardson – Sea Eagle with Catch. Best Novice – Sasha Blyth – The Last Tram