First speaker of the season – Graham Relf

Great talk from Graham Relf tonight with stunning pictures of the night sky. Fired up to take it further? His website is you can find the free software to stack your images of the stars and more.

If you want more of the night sky then weekly updates on what’s up there are given in a lighthearted way by “Eyes on the Sky” on YouTube –

You could get a comprehensive and interactive map of the heavens onto your computer from It’s amazing.

Finally, if you want to watch Jim Al-Khalili explain the origin of the universe on BBC4 then you have 22 days to see it on iPlayer at…/the-beginning-and-end-of-the-univers…

(Pictures from the Hubble telescope)

14263968_1158039024239424_8656824884044429054_n 14355565_1158040877572572_569951316465462118_n