John Lee

I am an active club member of 7 years. I enjoy the social and practical side of club activities finding inspiration and motivation from the work of my fellow members here at Consett.
Now retired I hope to have more time and energy to pursue my passion for the outdoors, particularly  the mountain environment. A mountaineer, climber and cyclist for most of my adult life I have now taken to the ‘camera’ to give me another excuse to spend more time in the environment I love best.
I’m primarily a ‘Landscape’ person and enjoy travelling to capture images of classic venues as well as visiting more ‘esoteric’ locations to explore their photographic possibilities. I enjoy the whole experience of capturing the image, post processing and printing to achieve a final piece of work.
I would like to develop my photography within the club environment to become a more rounded photographer and perhaps get involved in areas such as wildlife and macro photography. Within CPS I’m sure I’ll find all the encouragement and support needed to explore these and other photographic genres.