Print Competition February 2020 (Colour & Mono)

Colour Competition

1st Place: Fairy Vale Red – Julia Richardson

2nd  Place:  Bridge of Faith – Lynda Golightly

3rd Place: The Fairy Pools – John Lee

Highly Commended: May I Have Your Attention? – Julia Richardson,  Feeding Time – Ken Nevin, Having a Nibble – Sasha Blyth

Best Novice: Blanchland Winter Sun – Steve Webb

Mono Competition

1st Place:  Vintage Tools  – Richard Nixon

2nd Place:  Revolutionary – Lynda Golightly

3rd Place:  The Priory Kitchen  – John Lee

Highly Commended: The Moon and the Octagon – Peter Gill, Damp Morning -John Wolstenholme , Nightmare on Elm Tree – Brian Baxter