Programme 2019-20

2nd September – Opening Night

 Introductions, general welcome and information. Review of our work from the previous year.   Calendar and 50th anniversary discussions. Preparation for Snods and annual Empire exhibitions.

9th September – Practical Evening

How to use mount cutters for framing, filters and accessories.

16th September – Guest Speaker

Larry Bedigan: Underwater and other exciting images.

23rd September – Critique and Analysis

Members present images for analysis and discussion.   

Introduction of “Breaking the rules” PDI Competition.

Closing date for the PDI competition.

30th September – Image Processing “How do you do…?”

Members self-help – demonstrations and workshops covering       

Photoshop   and Lightroom

7th October – Guest Speaker

Julian Harrop from Beamish Museum presents the work of four North East Photographers.

14th October – Competition Results

 Results of the PDI competition

Judge: David Illingworth

21st October – Animal Antic

Practical session – Selection of animals to photograph

Closing date for the Colour & Mono Prints Competition: Round 1           

28th October – Sculptures

Ian Stonehouse – a look at the sculptures of Ray Lonsdale

4th November – Guest Speaker

Dale Wesley – Hill  – Equine studies

11th November – Competition Results

Results of the 1st Round of the Colour and Mono Print Competition.    Judge: Jed Wee.

18th November – 2 Members Present

2 Members Present: “Novice to now –  My photographic journey

Closing date for Themed Competition: A Panel of 3 Prints

 25th November – Guest Speaker

Ian Britton – Use of Drones in Photography

2nd December – You’ve been framed!

Internal club competition: “Pictures through a frame”

One PDI + one print

9th December – Competition Results

Results of the Panel of Three Competition. Judge – Stuart Skelsey

 16th December – Christmas Party Night

 6th January – Let you be the judge….

Judging exercises / discussion / analysis

Closing date for “Breaking the rules” PDI Competition

 13th January – Guest Speaker

Joe Sheridan Second Installment

Closing date for the Colour & Mono Prints Competition: Round 2           

 20th January – Practical Evening

Flash photography, table top subjects and green screen images

 27th January – NCPF Images evening

Selection of, and NOT just presentation of, images for NCPF and other external competitions. 

3rd February – Competition Results

Results of the Colour & Mono Print Competition: Round 2 

 Judge – Dave Best

10th February – Competition Results

Breaking the rules” PDI Competition. Judge TBC.

Closing date for the People Competition

17th February – Guest Speaker

Dave and Sheila Coates:   “Two cameras out and about”

24th February – 3 Members present

Three members present an analysis of the work of an Artist or Photographer of their choice

2nd March – Competition Results

Results of the People Competition. Judge – David Stout

 9th March – Guest Speaker

Catherine Ball Fine Art Photography

Closing date for the Colour & Mono Prints Competition: Round 3                

16th March – The Homework Group present

A review and presentation of work by the Homework Group including their visits and assignments.

23rd March – TBA

Exciting announcement pending!!

30th March – Competition Results

Results of the Colour & Mono Print Competition. Round 3

Judge – Alan Porrett

6th April – AGM & Presentations night

13th April – No meeting (Easter Monday)

20th April – The Optional Extra…

Exhibition preparation