Competition Rules

Competition Rules (Amended at the AGM April 2014)


The Clubs internal competitions will comprise (in no particular order):

  • Colour Print Photographer of the Year
  • Mono Print Photographer of the Year
  • PDI Competition
  • People Print Competition
  • 3 x Panel Print Competition (Mono or Colour)


  • COLOUR PRINT COMPETITION The Colour Print Competition is for colour prints only.  Duotone, tri-tone and monochrome images with a single colour element are deemed to be colour.  Subject matter will be of the member’s choice. A maximum of two images may be entered by each member.
  • MONO PRINT COMPETITION Entries may be of any subject. For the purpose of this competition, monochromatic is deemed to be a continuous tone greyscale image. A single colour tinted image is deemed to be monochromatic. Duotone, tri-tone and monochromatic images depicting an object or element picked out in colour will be deemed colour images, and therefore not eligible. A maximum of two images may be entered by each member.
  • PDI COMPETITION Entries may be in colour or monochrome and of a subject of the members’ choice.  Images should be submitted as PDI (Projected Digital Image) format as images will be digitally projected for viewing at the time of judging. A maximum of three images may be entered by each member.
  • 3 x PANEL PRINT COMPETITION Entries may be colour or monochrome.  The subject will be of the member’s choice.  Images will be judged as a panel, and all three images should contain a common theme or element.
  • PEOPLE PRINT COMPETITION Entries may be colour or monochrome.  Subject matter to include studio portrait, traditional portrait, candid or street photography. A maximum of three images may be entered by each member.
  • Colour Print and Mono Print Competitions will take place over three rounds held during the season. The judge will select the top three entries and any number of Highly Commended from each category that they wish to award. Points will be awarded as follows:

1st – 10 points, 2nd – 7 points, 3rd – 5 points, Highly Commended – 3 points.
(No points will be awarded merely for entering).

Points awarded to entries will count towards a member’s aggregate over the season. The highest aggregate score will determine the Colour Photographer of the Year and the Mono Photographer of the Year.

  • PDI, People and 3 x Panel Print competitions will operate as ‘standalone’ competitions outside the points system for the above competitions.

The judge will select the top three entries and any number Highly Commended that they wish to award.

  • All work entered in competitions shall be the personal work of the entrant who must own either the film or Digital negative; this includes all parts of the image if it is a composite.  Any entry into Club, Northern Counties Photographic Federation or Photographic Alliance of Great Britain Competitions must comprise of lens made images taken by you.

Websites and magazines may offer royalty free images for you to use and manipulate, this is fine for personal work but they cannot be entered in competitions no matter how much you alter them. Any component you use, if it contains pixels, must have been taken by you and not downloaded from the web or a CD.

  • Members shall record the ‘Title’ of their image, and their member number on the back of the mount however they must not put identifying marks of any kind on the face of the print.
  • A competition will be called ‘void’ if there are three or less entries, except novice competitions.
  • Images by the same person, which have already been entered in any previous internal Club competition, may not be entered again in the same or any other internal competition in successive years. This includes images which are so similar to previously accepted images to be virtually identical.
  • All paid-up members are eligible to enter any or all of the competitions throughout the season.
  • Trophies for the winners of the individual competitions (PDI, People and Panel), Colour Print Photographer of the Year, Mono Print Photographer of the Year and Novice Photographer of the Year will be presented on the AGM Night and retained by the recipients for one year.
  • In addition to a trophy, winners will be presented with a framed certificate that they can keep.


  • Novice entries will be judged on merit with all other entries and the highest placed entry will be awarded the Best Novice for that competition.
  • A Novice is deemed to be any member who:-
    • Has not achieved a 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any previous internal club competition.
    • Has not achieves a photographic Distinction i.e. LRPS, ARPS, CPAGB, DPAGB, etc.
    • Whose work is not defined as Advanced by ‘The Club Selection panel’ regardless of 1 & 2 above.
  • In the event of a member being promoted from Novice to Advance by rule 1 above, he/she will remain eligible as a Novice for the remaining competitions in the current year, and thereafter ceases to be eligible as a Novice.
  • Novice entries should be indicated by including the letter N after the member’s number.
  • The novice with the highest aggregate score accumulated form all the competitions over the year will be deemed as the Best Novice of the Year.


  • Prints, for all competitions can be of any size provided they fit within a mount with dimensions of 500mm x 400mm  (20”x16”). Suitable mounts are available from the club.
  • The orientation of the print should be indicated on the back of the mount by the placement of the Entry label or Title.
  • Prints may be home or trade processed.
  • The title of the image must not exceed 25 characters in length.
  • The Title, Club name and membership number should be indicated on the Entry Labels provided and adhered to the back of the mount in the top right corner.
  • Digital images should be submitted with the title as the file name followed by the membership Number, e.g. ‘ConsettSunset013’.
  • Digital images should have maximum dimensions of 1400 pixels wide and 1050 pixels high. The file should be converted to the sRGB colour space and saved as a medium quality (5-7) JPEG.  Instructions on the preparation of PDIs can be found on the Club website :-

Preparing an image for PDI

  • All Print and PDI entries must be submitted to the Competition Secretary on or before the closing date for the competition, indicated in the Club programme.
  • Digital images should be submitted on CD, memory stick, or via email to the Competition Secretary.


  • The Competition Secretary reserves the right to withdraw:
  • Insecurely or inappropriately mounted prints likely to cause damage to other prints in transit.
    Images considered being of an offensive or highly sensitive nature.
    Images that do not adhere to the above rules.

    • The ‘Clubs Selection panel’ comprises – all NCPF accredited Judges, together with Internal and External Comp Secretaries, plus 1 co-opted member of the club.
      Roles of Panel are to:-
      Select the club’s external competition entries.
      Make decisions on novice/advanced members with regards to above rules.