Uploading images to the Club Gallery

Hi Everyone,
You hopefully will know that Jim has spent a lot of time and effort re-building the club website and gallery pages to produce the best possible website for Consett Photo Society and all is finally complete.

Please have a look at the site and register in order to make full use of it.
Any member who hasn’t already Registered on the club site should do so by following the link on the Club’s Blog page – http://consettps.co.uk/?page_id=1771

Once registered Jim will create your account and email you a password to you. You are then able to comment on other members photos and join in with the Blog comments.

The Gallery pages were originally created to showcase member’s best and most recent work. It is important to keep these fresh and members are encouraged to change the contents on a regular basis. Remember that the Club also have a Flckr site which is better suited to upload photos where you are requesting advice and feedback. Flckr is also better suited for uploading and storing vast quantities of images.

We have decided that the personal Galleries should have a maximum of 20 images (it would look much better if everyone has the max. 20 images) which will test your abilities to edit your best work, but it will also keep the website at a reasonable size which will speed up the time it takes pages to load. The images MUST also be resized before uploading at a very modest size which is fine for web browsing.

The sizes are :- Portrait images 450px high saved at quality 5. Landscape images 600px wide saved at quality 5. Jim has produced a set of Photoshop actions and full written instructions on the club website. (see the tutorial under the General Series)

The images must also be renamed in the following way – your_name_number.jpg
e.g George_Ledger_01.jpg

This will ensure that the photos are displayed in the correct order and also it will make things easier for Jim to sort out if you save them to someone else’s Gallery!

Any member registered on the site who doesn’t have a current Gallery – must contact Jim and request a gallery – he will create the page and then you able to start uploading photos into your own gallery.

Any member that had a previous Gallery – will notice that all except 1 photo has been removed from your Gallery. This is to retain the Gallery thumbnail until you upload your new images. Once you have uploaded your 20 images – Jim will remove the original 1 photo.

Please note that if you upload wrongly sized images they will be deleted and you will be asked to resubmit them.

Directions for uploading images:-
1.  Login to the website. You will notice that there is a black coloured title bar showing Consett Photographic Society and Photo Albums.
2.  Click on Photo Albums and then Click on Upload Photos from the drop down menu.
3.  You can then upload multiple images (max 20 at a time) (Box A) or individual images (Box B) .
4.  Simply Click the Browse button to select the folder where your resized and renamed images are     saved.
5.  Select the photos you want to upload and Click OK.
6.  *IMPORTANT * Select the Album that you want to upload your images to – you should select your name from the drop down menu.
7.  Click Upload multiple photos button (pre-tick the After upload go to Edit Photo Page.)
8.  Once all the photos have been uploaded, the Edit photo will open. This is your only chance to correct any wrongly named photos or add descriptions to them – as this dialogue box will only allow you to Edit images that you have just uploaded – not previously uploaded ones.
9.  Click on Consett Photographic Society name at the top of the page, and then Click View site from the drop down menu and Check out your Gallery.
10.  Email Jim to let him know what a good job you have done